Iolanda Bianchi

Iolanda Bianchi (Ph.D. in Political Science and Ph.D. in Urban planning) is an urban political scholar. She currently holds a Juan de la Cierva postdoctoral researcher position at the IGOP- Institute of Government and Public Policy (IGOP) – Autonomous University of Barcelona (Spain). Her research focuses on the interplay between civil society and public action to meet basic needs and fundamental rights in the urban context, using a critical approach to urban governance, urban politics, public policies and commons studies.

Latest publications

Bianchi I, Salazar Y, Pera M (2021). «No olvidemos nunca quiénes somos ni por qué estamos aquí». Sobre Barcelona en Comú, movimientos sociales y cambio radical. In Monge C, Bergua J, Minguijón P, Pac Salas D (eds) (2020). Tras la indignación. El 15M: miradas desde el presente. Barcelona: Gedisa, pp. 149-160

Blanco I, Salazar Y and Bianchi I (2020) Urban governance and political change under a radical left government. The case of Barcelona. Journal of Urban Affairs, 42(1), pp. 18-38. [Q1 SJR, Urban Studies; Q1 SJR Sociology and political science]


A few thoughts on municipalism, the struggle for rent regulation in Spain and what this implies for freedom in our liberal-democratic societies on Minim Magazine